About Machine Workshop

A picture of mattHi everyone my names Matt, I created Machine Workshop to give you some tips, tricks and reviews on home/hobby machining, fabricating, welding and everything you need to know about turning a napkin drawing into reality!

Why? Well thats a good question. I started a youtube channel called CncShopmill about 5 months ago and received such great feedback that I decided to build on that success with this website. I will show you all my mistakes and how I learned from them.


garage workshopThis is my current machinist workshop (kinda messy) where I design and fabricate all my crazy inventions! I am currently transforming my garage into the perfect man cave as I like to call it. Some of the tools on the left is a G0704 milling machine that I converted to cnc control,  a harbor freight red tool-chest and a custom workbench.

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